Dr Eve Simcox (Faculty Impact Officer (Science, Agriculture and Engineering), Newcastle University)


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The research environment is a constantly changing landscape. How research is funded, undertaken and now evaluated, has undergone dramatic changes in a relatively short space of time. It is possibly understandable therefore that the increased focus on impact throughout the research life-cycle was met, in some cases, with limited enthusiasm.   So how do we support academics with impact? Within Newcastle’s Science, Agriculture and Engineering Faculty (SAgE) we’re trying to answer just that. This presentation discusses the different approaches taken by SAgE to facilitate impact, providing reflection on the relative success of each method. We also try to summarise findings of internal research on what the drivers and barriers are with regards to motivation towards impact. As an extremely diverse Faculty the key finding is that one way doesn’t fit all. The underlying message however, is clear- Increase the appeal and ease of incorporating impact, not the pressure associated with not!

Key Messages

Embedding impact with out enforcing it!
What makes incorporating impact appealing to researchers?
What methods really work in supporting impact?