Belfast is a city like no other. It’s labelled the 2nd most successful city in the UK, after London City, since its rapid development over the last few years which has seen eight hotels opening and many other education and residential builds. It is the birth place of the Olympic-class trioTitanicOlympic and Britannic; host to the Game of Thrones studios and a fantastic  culturally rich destination. It’s is however, most famous for its political history, which sees enormous murals painted around the city – which brings in a booming Black Taxi Tour business where you can explore the city through its historical timeline. The political taxi tours are a fantastic way to experience the troubles and see the city’s progress in the peace process.


Belfast has a huge selection of activities to take advantage of while you’re visiting. Why not come the weekend before and see how many landmarks you can tick off? Here’s some of the most treasured attractions in the city: 


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